When I saw “Crafts” on my timetable, I had no idea what we would be doing in this class. The doubts, however, were quickly dispersed when my crafts teacher, Ms Sandra, enthusiastically presented to us a project of screen printing. We were to make our own cushion covers: the excitement ran wild! I was going to make a cushion with my own design on it!

First, we had to choose the colour we wanted the case to be. Second, having searched for just the right image, we printed it and then cut the image into a stencil, so that we could have its shape on the cushion.  

I chose a red cushion cover and my image was a bird in black. The moment we applied the painting on, I fell in love! I am very happy with the result. All my classmates’ cushions were amazing as well. Crafts rock!

Text by Ester

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The Cushion And I