INTERNATIONAL STANBOROUGH SCHOOL takes the issue of child protection very seriously and this includes the use of images of children in activity and group photographs. To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, permission must be granted by the parent/ guardian before any images of your child are taken and used. We ask that parents/guardians consent to INTERNATIONAL STANBOROUGH SCHOOL taking and using photographs and images of their children. This consent is specific to images taken in Stanborough School or during events organised by Stanborough School.

Please read the clauses below and complete the Application Form accordingly (please notice that you are requested to tick the box under the photo box on the Application Form if you do NOT agree to these terms).

The parent/guardian

I agree to photographic and video images (the “Photographs”) of my child being taken and stored. I agree that INTERNATIONAL STANBOROUGH SCHOOL will at its sole discretion be entitled to select which (if any) of the photographs of my child will be published. I also agree that any cropping, retouching, montaging or other editing of the Photographs will be at INTERNATIONAL STANBOROUGH SCHOOL’S sole and absolute discretion.

I hereby grant to INTERNATIONAL STANBOROUGH SCHOOL a perpetual, irrevocable royalty free license to publish and use the Photographs in any magazines, publications or products published or produced under the INTERNATIONAL STANBOROUGH SCHOOL name by or for INTERNATIONAL STANBOROUGH SCHOOL including without limitation in its books, videos, CDs, CD-ROMs, online internet service or other products whether now existing or hereinafter invented (the “Products”) throughout the world (the “Territory”) and in all media whether now existing or hereinafter invented (the “Media”) in relation to the publication, advertising, marketing and promotion of the Products in the Media throughout the Territory (the “Purpose”). INTERNATIONAL STANBOROUGH SCHOOL further undertakes that it will not, without the express permission in writing of the child, the child’s parent/guardian or duly authorized agent use or license the use of the Photographs by any third party for any purpose other than the Purpose. I agree that I or my child will not receive any fee in respect of any images used by INTERNATIONAL STANBOROUGH SCHOOL of the Photographs for the Purpose as set out above.

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