I _______________ hereby agree to conduct myself according to the following
guidelines while I stay at International Stanborough School.

  1. I understand that International Stanborough School is a Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) school and as such its rules and regulations are in line with the SDA Church’s beliefs. Regardless of my religious background, I commit to respect the SDA teachings and views while at International Stanborough School.
  2. I understand that the use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs is strictly forbidden for both staff members and students at International Stanborough School. Thus, I will abstain from using these substances while I attend Summer Camp. I also understand that I am not allowed to store these substances in my room, or anywhere on Campus, even if I don’t intend to use them.
  3. I understand that the possession of firearms, knifes, explosives, pornography (including viewing online pornography), lasers, weapons or socially offensive material is for-bidden.
  4. I understand that I am not allowed to enter the corridors and bedrooms of students of the opposite sex at Stanborough Boarding School. I also understand that any physical contact between students is regulated by the Stanborough Student Handbook as well as UK Child Protection Laws while I stay at International Stanborough School (e.g. hand-holding, hugging, kissing and sexual activity is not allowed on campus).
  5. I understand that bullying, fighting, threatening, or swearing at students or staff is prohibited.
  6. I understand that while attending lessons at International Stanborough School I cannot:
    • Use my mobile phone (we suggest you leave it at the Boarding School).
    • Take pictures of other students (you can take pictures on trips, not in class).
    • Chew gum.
    • Wear excessive make-up/jewellery.
    • Wear immodest or revealing clothing.
  7. I understand that for my own safety I must follow instructions given to me by staff members at Stanborough School.
  8. I understand that all students (in their teams) are given some kind of duty (e.g. wiping the tables after meals) which aims to develop responsibility and ability in fulfilling talks for independent everyday living.
  9. I understand that at International Stanborough School there are consequences for misbehaviour. Depending on the degree of my actions, the consequences may include that I am asked to apologize to somebody and/or write a letter, that I am asked to clean tables after lunch/dinner, that I am excluded from a trip, that I am asked to pay for any damages caused, that I am asked to go back home.

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