Long-Term International Students


If you would you like to spend an unforgettable year abroad or finish your secondary school years in the UK, but you are not sure your English skills are ‘up to standard’ then a Progressive Integration programme is perfect for you! You will not only improve your English, but also broaden your horizons and enjoy the rich British culture!

On arrival at Stanborough School, your level of English will be assessed by a test and an individual timetable will be designed just for you. You will be placed in a form – usually between Year 7 and Year 9 depending on your level of English, age and length of time you intend to stay at Stanborough School.

Between four and eight ESL (English as a Second Language) classes will be provided per week – depending on your English needs. The remaining time, you will follow the school’s regular curriculum along with our British students. Your progress will be monitored and you will usually sit an appropriate Cambridge ESOL examination within the first term of arrival at the school.

As your level of English improves, your timetable will be adjusted to progressively include more of the school’s curriculum content. You will sit further Cambridge ESOL examinations, and when you pass the C1 (CAE) level you will “graduate” into the main school.

In addition to the classes, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the rich British culture. The International School organizes a trip each term. In the first term the trip is usually to London and the surroundings; the second term trip is usually of a historical/cultural nature further afield from London – typically to Stratford-on-Avon or Bath; the third term trip is to a theatre production at a West End Theatre in London.

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What is C1 level?

Stanborough School believes that passing C1 level is an indication that the student is sufficiently proficient in English to function within the main school environment and attempt GCSE examinations with a realistic chance of success. International students are rarely entered for GCSE examinations before this level is achieved because of the difficulty inherent in studying GCSE subjects without the fundamental background level of English. Students might be entered for GCSE examinations in English or ESL or both if it is felt their level is satisfactory.

Broadly equivalent levels:

Preliminary A1
Access A2 KET 3.0
Achiever B1 PET 3.5/4.5
Communicator B2 FCE 5.0/6.0
EXPERT C1 CAE 7.0/6.5
Mastery C2 CPE +7.5


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