When Ms L told us that we were going to have a second specialised career session this year, I was excited! The first talk, given my Mr Puskas, was good and so was the online career questionnaire we did. I like to hear other people’s life experiences because thinking about my future career can be scary and it helps me, in some ways, to listen to others and prepare for the challenges ahead of me.

The speaker for the career talk was Dr Torben Bergland, from Norway. At the age of eighteen, he had specific dreams about his future: he wanted to be a self-employed dentist with a wife and four children. He also wanted to own 20 bikes. Have his dreams come true? Well, today, he is a psychiatrist, he is not married and has no children. He does, however, own many bikes, so some dreams do come true after all!

As Dr Bergland shared his life story, he gave us pieces of advice. Let me list some for you: if you’re thinking about your career, you’re bound to find these useful.

  • Find a career that matches your gifts, passions and values! Find a career that matches your personality! Have a look at this if you’d like some help with understanding your personality https://www.16personalities.com
  • Your personality and brain is fully developed at the age of 25; yet, in life we have to make career choices sooner: food for thought, not panic!
  • If you start something and it is difficult – don’t give up! If you fail, try again!
  • When you think you have grades god enough to get you into school you want to get to – keep working hard, don’t settle, this will keep your options open!
  • Don’t be in a hurry to get on with it – take a gap year, do things that will help you grow!
  • If you decide to change a career direction, still complete the exams for the subjects you have started – these might come in handy in the future!
  • If you realise you are not going in the right direction, change the direction! Following your heart is not embarrassing!
  • Some subjects will be amazing, and others – not so. So, don’t overly focus on the grade.
  • Let go and let God: Dr Bergland had a plan of how he would work for God, but when he gave up on that, God put His own plan into practice. The difference is – God’s plan actually works!
  • If you do something against God’s will, learn your lesson – then the time has not been entirely wasted!
  • Be flexible: things can change, your dreams can change. Be open!
  • Be humble and do not criticise others – now that’s a life skill!

The career session was incredible. What Dr Bergland said made me think about my future and here are the lessons I’m taking for myself.

  • Perhaps a gap year is a good idea for me: I could try doing things that I think I like and see if that’s really what I want to do in life.
  • I can change a direction if needed, I will follow my heart, but I first need to finish what I have started.
  • I will listen to God and let Him work His plan out in my life. I will remember to have patience, because God doesn’t hurry, He works gradually.

And so, is choosing a career difficult? You bet! Is it time to panic? Looking at the above, definitely not! It’s time to take a deep breath and get started on the exciting journey of growth and service. Thank you, Dr Bergland and International Stanborough School!

Text by Nicolye

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Career Panic? I Think Not!