The boarding school offers three lounges where students can spend their free time studying or socializing. There is an entertainment lounge, equipped with DVD/projector facilities with surround-sound. A study lounge with internet-equipped computer stations and a round table for group study. And a mini-kitchen equipped with a hotplate, microwave oven, kettle, toaster, fridge and lockers to store food in.




A mini-kitchen is equipped with a hotplate, a microwave oven, a kettle, a fridge and lockers per room for dry food storage. Other than local shops the boarding school sometimes has a tuck shop running for students to purchase snacks and drinks after school. Students have access to telephones and internet (both in the study lounge & via wifi on private laptops) so they can easily communicate with their parents and friends.



Boarders enjoy regular sporting activities in the School’s gym and grounds and in the nearby Leisure Centre, trips to London and nearby cultural and historical sites run at least once per term and many social events – many of which are organized together with the pupils.


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