Anju Hiroshima, Japan This was my first time to go to study abroad. I learnt lots of things; this has been an amazing experience for me.

Anju, Hiroshima, Japan


Before I came to Stanborough School, I was really scared. I didn’t speak any English and I thought that people would bully me. But then, everything was different: people were very kind to me and even though I couldn’t speak English at all they still tried their best to understand me and how I felt.

International Stanborough School differs from my old school: the food, the way that the teachers help me and how they care about my studies. In the beginning, being here felt a little strange because everything was new. I felt embarrassed in classes because I couldn’t understand anything that was going on, but after around three months my English had improved and studying became easier. Now, I enjoy studying at Stanborough and being a boarder!

Daurio, Angola

 Gaizka Puerto De Sagunto, Valencia, Spain More than English, what I’ve learnt at Stanborough is love, trust, tolerance and appreciation.

Gaizka, Puerto De Sagunto, Valencia, Spain

Shin Hiroshima, Japan

My stay at Stanborough School was awesome! The best part of Stanborough experience was the EFL class. I don’t usually enjoy having English classes in Japan, but here I had a great time in EFL classes.

A big thanks to Stanborough!!!

Shin, Japan

Erica Hiroshima, Japan EFL class was the best class I’ve ever had. The time that I spent at this school was AMAZING! And all the memories will be in my heart forever. Thank you for everything!!

Erica, Hiroshima, Japan

Ketsia Being at Stanborough has been an amazing experience. I made awesome friends and my English has improved a lot. Being the only girl that speaks French helps me not speak in French with anybody and that helped my English improve faster!

Ketsia, Rwanda

Leticia Sao Paulo, Brazil Here I met amazing people. The EFL teachers are really good and I loved staying at the boarding school!

 Leticia, Brazil

Takahito Hiroshima, Japan When I came to Stanborough, I was really surprised by the variety of nationalities represented at the school. I met people from different corners of the world and learnt about their cultures.

Takahito, Japan

Mila Puerto De Sagunto, Valencia, Spain I really enjoyed my stay at Stanborough, but the best part was having EFL classes with Ms Mall and Ms L. I am going to miss Stanborough and all the people I have met here. This was a great experience! Thank you for everything.

Mila, Puerto De Sagunto, Valencia, Spain

Giovanna Sao Paulo, Brazil It was simply amazing! The EFL classes were really funny and focused on interesting topics. I love this place and I’ll keep it in my memory forever.

Giovanna, Sao Paulo, Brazil


This is the first time for me to live in a boarding school. I was very nervous when I came International Stanborough School but then everything settled down and I started getting used to it and felt much better!

Last term I got a wonderful report and a good GPA. For the first time in my life I feel confident about my academic abilities. At Stanborough School I learnt how to work hard and that hard work pays off! I hope to earn ever higher grades next term!

Simon, China


International Stanborough School is a great school! Studying here has been one of the best experiences of our lives: amazing people, friendly atmosphere and helpful teachers-this is what Stanborough is made of.

We experienced a different, creative approach to learning. All we want to do is say “thank you” to all the teachers and students and will see you again next year!

Kristina & Daniela, Ukraine


The awesome thing about studying at International Stanborough School is that we made friends with interesting new people who we would have not met otherwise. The students at Stanborough are from all over the world and we had to use English to communicate with everyone! So whether you want to or not, you practise your English every day!

We also enjoyed attending classes and staying at the boarding school with its family-like environment. A fantastic experience, we loved being here!

Nidia, Magda, Alex and Rodrigo, Spain
Lyza, Ukraine


My 5 months stay at International Stanborough School was amazing!

Not only have I improved my English a lot, I have also learned much about the Bible, respect and what life in a boarding school is like. I particularly enjoyed the EFL lessons as they were challenging and amusing too! The EFL teachers are awesome! Thank you for everything!

Dorothee, Germany

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