First when I came here, it was hard to think that I had to stay so far from home for over three months but everyone was very friendly and I made new friends. This is my first time to study abroad so it was definitely a culture shock in the beginning. Having worships and singing hymns together really helped though, as I felt everyone drawing closer. I think God exists because God can make us “one” even though we are from different cultures or have different opinions.I couldn’t have conversations deep enough with my new friends because of my English skills, so I want to keep learning English and one day I want to talk with my friends from Stanborough again!

I’m going to miss International Stanborough School and I will never forget the time I spent here. I would like to say a big “thank you” to all Stanborough students and teachers.

Hina, Ehime, Japan

Life here at International Stanborough School has been fun! I feel like I have been dreaming for the last four months. Time has flown by so fast…I went to many famous places and I made good friends. All the activities offered by the school were intriguing and helped me grow. Also, I think my English has improved a lot. I absorbed a lot of essential grammar and vocabulary from the EFL class. While in the beginning I was very shy and couldn’t speak out in class, by the end of the term, I became more confident. Watch out, I can speak now! 🙂

I want to thank all the teachers, boarding staff and students who supported me.

Moeka, Osaka, Japan

I have been studying at International Stanborough School for five months. It’s been an amazing experience and my English has improved a lot! In the beginning, I struggled to be confident, but then I realised that Stanborough became my second home and English – my second language. Having spent holidays back at home in Germany, it felt like coming home when I arrived to boarding again. I felt I was a part of the school, I spoke and thought in English the whole day. I figured out how exciting life in the boarding school could be and that people cared about you when you had problems. The staff in the boarding school tried their best for us to make wonderful memories during our time here. I would like to thank all the teachers, staff and students for making my experience here unforgettable.

Viola, Heidelberg, Germany

Before I came to England, I could not imagine what life at International Stanborough School would be like. Actually, I didn’t want to come England in the first place, but now I don’t want to go back to Japan! I want to stay here longer :). My favourite memories from my stay here are those of school life at ISS. Studying was hard but I still enjoyed every day and my English has improved too! I want to say a special “thank you” to my form teacher and EFL teachers, who are both so kind!

Also, I went to a lot of great places, but Cambridge was the best. The town is picturesque and the punting trip completely charmed me with is beautiful views. All in all, I’ve had a wonderful time in England and I would like to come back to England someday.

Izumi, Okinawa, Japan

This was my first time to study abroad so I was really worried about everything, but there was no reason to! I had a great time at International Stanborough School. Teachers here have a good knowledge of their subjects, but what’s even more important – they care about us and create warm learning environments.Also, what I like about International Stanborough School is that it is really international, and we made friends with students from all over the world! This has been a valuable experience and I want to keep studying English!

Layna, Tokyo, Japan

I was pretty excited before I came to International Stanborough School: I’ve always wanted to use a tie as a part of my school uniform. I’d been studying at a Boarding School in Brazil for 3 years so I was confident about what to expect from Boarding here. However, everything amazed me in a way that I will not forget: my friends, my teachers, this school… I’m really happy here and I do not want to leave this place! The sad part is that I still miss my parents and friends from Brazil. It’s been a wonderful experience for me, it changed my life.

Giovanna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I worried a lot about coming here, but the truth is that I’ve enjoyed school life at International Stanborough School. One day when I wasn’t feeling well and fainted, a teacher came and she prayed for me. When I couldn’t understand English, my classmates taught me with kindness. I am touched by people’s kindness.

I’d like to say “thank you” to every teacher and every student. I had a great time here! When I go back to Japan, I’ll study English hard. I’ll never give up :). I hope to see you all again and by then my English will be better!

Megumi, Tokyo, Japan

I have started at International Stanborough School in September, yet I’ve already learnt many things that will be useful in my life. The first half-term at ISS was quite difficult for me, because this school is so different from my previous one. However, the second half-term was easier as had improved my English and it was more manageable to cope with other subjects. I also made many friends here and I will miss the FIE students so much when they go back to their countries!!!

Megan, Sofia, Bulgaria

Life at International Stanborough School has been so good! I’ve made many friends and I feel my English has improved. Before I came to England, I was a little anxious because I’m the only boy in this FIE group from Japan. However, here at Stanborough I met friendly students and I made friends. This has been a valuable experience for me and I’m hoping to come back to ISS!

Rolando, Tokyo, Japan

We had a fantastic time at International Stanborough School. We really enjoyed the classes and the teachers were so nice. We won’t forget all the people we met and all the good times we have spent together. Studying here has been one of the best experiences of our lives: amazing people, cosy atmosphere and helpful teachers. Our English has improved so much but it is not the only thing we learnt here, we have learnt to respect and love each other, no matter what we believe in or where we are from. Thank you for everything!

Joanna, Valencia, Spain
Andres, Barcelona, Spain
Belen, Valencia, Spain

When I first came to International Stanborough school as an FIE student I was scared and excited at the same time. I liked it so much, though, that I decided to stay on as a long-term student. ISS helped me to improve my English, my academic skills and much more! Being here has been an amazing experience!

Ana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I really enjoyed my stay at International Stanborough School. I made new friends, improved my English, tried new food and visited awesome places! Thank you for everything, this has been an unforgettable experience.

Minami, Okinawa, Japan

I love International Stanborough School very much! While it is quite different from my school in Japan, everything is fresh and amazing. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience of studying here! I love Stanborough!

Yumi, Hiroshima, Japan

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