My experience of living and studying in England at International Stanborough School has been one of the of best experiences of my life. I met many friends that I still keep in touch with. I learnt about new cultures but I also learnt more about myself and how to deal with different people.

The English I have learnt plays an important part in my life! At the moment I am studying law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Parana, Brazil.

Arnon, Brazil, studied at ISS in 2013-2014


When I first came to Stanborough, I couldn’t speak any English at all. It was a completely new experience for me not only because was it a different country and culture, but also because I could not understand anything in classes due to the language barrier. In the beginning it was hard to cope with it all, but the staff were nice and helped me to feel comfortable.

The teachers knew that my English was very weak and made an extra effort to help me learn both English and other subjects. Now I am studying graphic design at Southern University, Tennessee, and I am really thankful to the staff of International Stanborough School for the role they have played in my life to help me achieve my dreams.

International Stanborough School gives a high quality support to international students with differing levels of English language proficiency and that opens the opportunities that we as students would not have otherwise.

Daniela, Ukraine, studied at ISS in 2012-2014


My stay at Stanborough School was really life-changing. In Brazil, I was a student in a school with over 1500 boarders. In Stanborough, I lived with as few as 20 other boarders. We lived as a family, and that taught me a lot about values, and true relationships.

Other than that, classes and teachers were beyond anything I could’ve imagined! They always made sure that I was not falling behind due to any language barriers. Although I already understood English before going there, I can say that with the constant support of Mr Edwards and Mrs Milis-Hopa I definitely mastered it at Stanborough! Today, I’m a 3rd year law Student in Brazil. But as of 2016, I’ve been accepted in the universities of London School of Economics, Queen’s Belfast, Cardiff, and Westminster to study Politics and Economics. I look forward to going back to the UK.

Danielle, Brazil, studied at ISS in 2013-2014


I knew going to International Stanborough School would be an adventure, but it exceeded my expectations by far. I still remember sitting in the Headmaster’s office, with the boarding school’s dean as a translator, for neither my parents nor I spoke a word of English. After a little discussion, they let me take all the subjects I wanted despite the language barrier, making sure I also got enough EFL lessons to improve my English level fast.

The teachers were always very helpful and understanding. Soon enough I started understanding most of the classes, and the people at the boarding school became my family. We’re still in touch nowadays! When the year was over, I couldn’t picture myself going back home and leaving all that behind, so I convinced my parents to stay for another year and get my GCSEs.

Those two years of my life were truly a blessing from God. I have now graduated from the University of Valencia as a Doctor and I’m about to start my residency. English is still a big part of my day-to-day life: my degree was in English and often I’m a translator at my church and school in the international program we have.

Sara, Spain, studied at ISS in 2006-2008

My experience in International Stanborough School has been brilliant. I have studied at ISS from 2014 to 2017; throughout this time, the pupils and teachers were nice and helpful. They have helped me to improve my English. I find the support given to international students more than sufficient in preparing us for the real world. ISS’s teachers provide excellent materials in order to make lessons fun and interesting. As a result, I enjoyed lessons and was actively engaged in learning.  Moreover, this interactive teaching style empowered me to be more prepared for the Cambridge language proficiency examinations. Now that I’ve graduated, Cambridge qualification is proving useful.To sum up, I have many fond memories of my time at International Stanborough School.  It’s a pity that I had to leave to attend the sixth form.

Zin Kai, Honk Kong, studied at ISS in 2014-2017

I wanted to improve my English and experience a new culture, so in 2015 I chose to study at International Stanborough School What an amazing experience that turned out to be!

When I began the studies, my English was A2 level and with the support of highly skilled teachers who worked very hard to help me learn, I passed the B2 exam four months later! My experience at Stanborough gave me more than English: I visited sites of world heritage and made good friends who I still keep in touch with!

Gabrielle, Brazil, studied at ISS in 2014-2015

My experience at International Stanborough School was life changing. I was only meant to be at ISS for a term, but I fell in love with the boarding school, town and people, who later on became family. After various meetings and exams, I was finally told I could stay. So, I stayed for two full years!

After graduating, I had the choice of staying and pursuing my studies further – which I did. I graduated two days ago with the highest grades in my class! I’m proud to say that I will be attending City University London in September. I will be studying Children’s Nursing as I’ve always dreamt of a career in the healthcare sector, alongside working with children! Thank you Stanborough for all the memories that I treasure in my heart!

Drau, Peru, studied at ISS in 2014-2016

Studying at International Stanborough School has definitely been one of the best experiences in my life. I met people from 15 different countries! I will never forget my roommate, who was also studying piano and it turned out that we were both trying to conquer the same Beethoven sonata! Studying at Stanborough was great and I keep all the memories in my heart.

Maria, Argentina, studied at ISS in 2010


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