Do you love having guests? Last term we had a group of 90 Chinese students and staff from Hangzhou Ying Royal Guotai Foreign Languages and Art School, who came to Stanborough School to experience a day at an amazing international school (I mean ours, of course). It was Friday, so as per our tradition, we had assembly on the day. Our guests, however, did not just sit in assembly – they prepared a marvellous performance for us, giving us a taste of China!

The assembly started with a dance performed by a boy who couldn’t have been older than twelve. Yet, in a superhero attire, he danced as a professional. Everyone loved it: the dance was energising!
After that, the teachers sang in Chinese, accompanying themselves on musical instruments. I found the Chinese language to be melodically mesmerising!
What followed next was a dynasty fashion show. Different dynasties adopted different fashions and this fashion show had us glued to our sits with the tapestry of colours, designs, hairstyles and music.

To finish the assembly, the head teacher of the Chinese school played a piece of typical Chinese music on the accordion. I loved the assembly: it was a celebration of everything Chinese. When are we going to China?

Text by Guilherme

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A Celebration Of Everything Chinese